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    Nexus 7 suffering from screen separation in some cases, untightened screws may be to blame

    Nexus 7 suffering from screen separation in some cases, untightened screws may be to blame


    Some models of the new Nexus 7 appear to be suffering from a problem where the screen can begin jutting out from the bezel.

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    We liked the Google Nexus 7 quite a bit when we took a look at it last month, but some units appear to be suffering from a problem: namely, the screen is popping up from the housing. Users at the xda-developers forums have noticed the issue, and we discovered it on one of our Nexus 7 units as well. The problem seems to first manifest with the screen creaking noticeably whenever any pressure is applied, but over time the edge can begin to visibly jut up from the plastic bezel itself. An enterprising user at xda-developers, jam10238, decided to solve the problem by removing the back cover of the device and tightening the screws that hold the screen in place. Several posters have reported in the accompanying thread that the screws inside the Nexus 7 were several turns away from being completely tight — something we confirmed with our own device. However, while adjusting the screws does seem to help many users, it doesn't appear to solve the problem in all cases.

    We would obviously strongly caution against tinkering inside your new tablet and encourage affected owners to simply exchange their Nexus 7 instead — and with shipping times narrowing you may not have to wait too long for a replacement to arrive. In any case, new consumer electronics suffering from minor issues at launch is nothing new, and we wouldn't be surprised to see these initial bumps in the road smoothed out rapidly. In the meantime, we've reached out to Google for comment, and will update you with any additional information.