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Google Play Music update for Android includes playlist reordering, new look and feel

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Google has rolled out an update for its Google Play Music Android app that includes playlist reordering, new transport controls, and a redesigned home screen widget.

Google Play Music
Google Play Music

Google has just released version 4.3 of its Google Play Music app for Android, bringing a handful of notable changes along with it. The introduction of the Nexus Q brought live playlist reordering capability; that functionality has now been rolled out across the entire app, meaning you can change the order of upcoming tracks on the fly. Among other tweaks, there are now transport controls along the so-called "action bar" — the bar of buttons along the top of apps that are design to Google's Holo specifications — and the app's widget now shows album art and a thumbs-up button for favoriting the best chopped and screwed Rihanna tracks right from your home screen. The update is available right now.