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SwiftKey 3 keyboard updated with Android 4.1 support

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SwiftKey 3 has been updated to version, which adds support for Android 4.1

SwiftKey 3 Beta
SwiftKey 3 Beta

SwiftKey's latest version of its popular Android predictive keyboard just went out of beta, but the team hasn't stopped there — version adds support for Android 4.1 and by extension the Nexus 7. While both phone and tablet versions of SwiftKey 3 have been updated with various bugfixes, only the phone changelog mentions Jelly Bean, though it should work fine on Google's 7-inch slate.

The real question is whether or not the keyboard improvements in Android 4.1 are already enough for you — as we noted in our Nexus 7 review, Android now predicts your next words right out of the box. Still, SwiftKey certainly has its share of devoted users, and with the Nexus 7 seemingly in high demand we're sure many will be relieved to see the update.