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HondaLink brings Aha Radio-powered audio content to Honda vehicles

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Honda's new in-car connectivity system lets you access content from Aha radio via a tethered smartphone.


Honda has unveiled its new in-dash connectivity system, which will let drivers access music, radio, and other content via a smartphone app. Called HondaLink, the new service appears similar to GM's MyLink, and will make its debut with the 2013 edition of the Honda Accord. Your smartphone will act as a "conduit to a wealth of cloud-based media," powered by content from Aha Radio — including audiobooks, podcasts, radio stations, and audio news feeds for your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Content is pre-selected via the smartphone app, and everything is controlled through a combination of voice commands and both in-dash and steering wheel-based controls once your phone is connected.

Honda's also developing an EV-centric version of the service, which will be available in upcoming versions of the Fit EV and Accord Plug-in Hybrid. It'll include the same media features, but will also let drivers view the car's state of charge remotely, as well as initiate charging and pre-activate the air conditioning and heating. The apps will be available for both iOS and Android.