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V Motion Project uses Kinect to provide the best dubstep visuals yet

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Using two separate Kinect controllers, the V Motion Project provides motion control for Ableton Live with stunning visual effects.

V Motion Controller
V Motion Controller

German blog Nerdcore points us towards a really impressive project, using the Kinect as a tool to control and visualize live music. Sponsored by the energy drink V, the V Motion Controller is based on music suite Ableton Live, but goes a step beyond existing Kinect controllers for the platform, combining sound with stunning visuals.

In fact, it's the interaction between the music and the visuals that is the most interesting part of the project. Writing in an explanatory blog post, Jeff Nusz — one of the developers behind the Motion Controller — describes how the BiKinect package used to produce the visual effects introduced significant lag into the system, a major issue in live performance. The team solved the problem by running audio and visual effects on two separate machines powered by two Kinect controllers, feeding data between them to create the integrated experience that you can see in the video below.

As befits any project using Microsoft technology, the Motion Controller works best with dubstep — it even provides a specific movement for controlling low-frequency oscillation, the classic wub-wub-wub sound. But that's not to say that the technology isn't extensible to other genres, and it'll be interesting to see where its creators take it next.