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Nokia ships 4 million Lumias in Q2 2012, over 7 million to date

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Nokia says it has sold four million Lumia handsets in Q2 2012.

Nokia Lumia 610 review software
Nokia Lumia 610 review software

Nokia's previous quarter saw the company describe the UK market as a "more challenging" one than the US — where Lumia sales exceeded expectations. Nokia has just announced its Q2 2012 financial results today, and the company has revealed four million Lumia devices were sold in its recent quarter — beating analyst predictions by 200,000. After selling over one million Lumia devices during its final quarter of 2011, and two million in Q1 2012, the latest figure shows that Nokia's Rolling Thunder approach is working at a slow and steady pace with over 7 million units shipped to date.

Nokia now faces the challenge of ensuring there's enough consumer interest in its Lumia range to see it through Q3 until Windows Phone 8 arrives later this year. The company recently introduced a pink variant of its Lumia 900 in the US and also dropped the price to $49.99 on AT&T, but a controversial decision by Microsoft to drop support for existing devices with Windows Phone 8 could hurt future sales. Nokia has promised to update its range of Lumia devices with Windows Phone 7.8, an update that brings the new Start Screen, to appease its current customers. The company's next quarter will be the most telling, shedding light on whether it can double Lumia sales once more while competing with new Android devices and the general expectation of Apple's next iPhone.