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Why 'rude' emails are the price we pay for social media

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According to Eric Spiegelman, email etiquette is now divided between traditional long-formists and a new breed of "efficient emailers."

gmail icon on htc one s
gmail icon on htc one s

Eric Spiegelman published a great piece on his personal blog last week considering how new forms of online communication have affected the fundamental etiquette of email. According to Spiegelman, the internet is now divided between two types of people — those who consider email etiquette a matter of conforming to traditional pleasantries, and those who, accustomed to the brevity of services such as Twitter, make "getting to the point" their primary objective. "The efficient emailer often has to conform to the old style to assuage hurt feelings," he writes. "This is just as terrible as the other thing, because it requires the sender to waste time and energy creating more words than necessary." Appropriately, Spiegelman's insightful piece covers all the bases in a brisk 420 words.