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Nokia: Lumia activations 'flat, to up' in the weeks following Windows Phone 8 announcement

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Nokia says Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 announcement hasn't impacted its Lumia sales.

Stephen Elop
Stephen Elop

Microsoft introduced its Windows Phone 8 operating system in late June and Nokia appears to be confident it hasn't impacted its Lumia Windows Phone sales. Speaking on a Nokia investor call today, CEO Stephen Elop revealed "Lumia activations were flat to up in the weeks following Windows Phone 8 announcement." Nokia posted a $1 billion operating loss for Q2 2012, selling four million Lumia devices in the quarter.

The Finnish phone maker now plans to focus on Lumia updates. Elop mentioned all of Nokia's existing Lumia devices will receive a Windows Phone 7.8 update and that the company is committed to releasing exclusive apps for its devices. Nokia is also planning to release "competitive" smartphones with Windows Phone at higher and lower price points and Elop says Nokia will continue to sell existing Lumia devices "beyond the launch" of Windows Phone 8. "We anticipate that Microsoft will launch a bold and aggressive marketing campaign for Windows 8," says Elop — one that he expects will help boost Lumia and Windows Phone.