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Kickstarter launches refreshed product pages with larger videos and a cleaner design

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Kickstarter has unveiled new-look product pages, with larger videos and easier-to-find information.

Kickstarter redesign
Kickstarter redesign

Crowd-funding site Kickstarter has been through a number of design iterations both before and after its launch, and today it's rolling out the latest, with refreshed product pages. The new pages include a wider left column for displaying even bigger videos of projects, while other important information has been shuffled around to make things easier to find — creator details are now closer to the top of the page, as are the location and category of the project. Other additions include short project descriptions coupled with the launch and funding dates, as well as a few other small design tweaks.

"Project pages are a big deal."

Unsurprisingly, Kickstarter says that the majority of its page views come from the product pages — in the last 30 days they accounted for 60 percent of all views. "Project pages are a big deal," the company said. In recent weeks the site has seen a number of high profile projects reach their funding goals, including both Penny Arcade and the Ouya game console.