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Twitter introduces targeted tweets for advertisers, only shown to users in specific locations

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Twitter is introducing targeted tweets for advertisers today that allows them to only show tweets to users in a specific location or who access the app from mobile or desktop.

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Twitter is continuing to provide more options for companies looking to advertise on the social network. The company changed the meaning of a hashtag for advertisers last month, and now it is rolling out a new feature that lets them send tweets that are only shown to users in specific locales. For instance, McDonalds could tweet about a New York-only promotion from their main corporate account and only have users within the state see it. Locations can be limited by city, state, or country, and advertisers can even have a tweet only show on mobile devices. It's a significant change for the platform: it means that one day we may no longer need several different official Samsung accounts around the world — there could be one, unified profile that doesn't spam users with irrelevant information. @British_Airways, @CocaCola, The Washington Post (@wpsocialreader), and @Wendys have already been testing out the feature, which is available to all Twitter advertisers now.