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Sony updates Music Unlimited app for Android tablets with offline listening

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Both the tablet and smartphone versions of Sony's Music Unlimited app have been updated, bringing features like offline listening and custom radio stations.

Sony Music Unlimited Android tablet
Sony Music Unlimited Android tablet

Sony has released an update for the tablet version of its Music Unlimited app on Android, bringing a long-delayed feature to the streaming music app. The only actual change to the tablet version is that users can now finally listen to music offline — a feature that was added to Android phones back in March. The smartphone app, meanwhile, has also been updated, and now has access to the My Channels feature, which lets you build custom radio stations based on a specific musical artist. The feature is available to both basic and premium subscribers, and has been included in other versions of the app for some time, including on the PlayStation 3, PC, and Mac. Version 1.4 of both Android apps is available now from the Google Play links below.