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Rdio for Android updated with UI improvements, extended search results

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Rdio has just updated its app for Android with a number of user interface improvements.

Rdio Android update
Rdio Android update

Rdio has just updated its app for Android, and while the latest version might not radically alter functionality, it does bring about some nice user interface improvements. First, new releases are now organized in a grid view. This makes sifting through the gauntlet of fresh albums each week an easier process than before. Sadly, the grid doesn't yet seem optimized for tablets. Rather than taking advantage of the extra screen real estate by displaying more cover art, Rdio simply spaces them farther apart. You're also now able to jump from any song in a playlist to the full album where the track came from. Speaking of playlists, Rdio is claiming the latest update contains improvements that will make editing them from your Android device an easier task.

If you've noticed a difference between the search results you get from Rdio's website or desktop client and your mobile device, the company has addressed that issue as well. Rdio users should now receive those same extended search results from the Android app. Finally, Rdio rounds out the update with clickable URLs in the activity stream and a number of miscellaneous bug fixes. Version 2.1.1 is available through Google Play now. We're not seeing this update reflected in the App Store just yet, but it wouldn't surprise us to see these changes pop up for iOS users soon.