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Google announces $12.21 billion in consolidated revenue for Q2, but Motorola sees $233 million operating loss

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Google has announced its financial statement for Q2 of 2012.

Google logo stock
Google logo stock

Google has announced a steady climb in earnings from last year, with $12.21 billion in revenue for the second quarter of 2012. The company saw a net income of $2.79 billion, and total revenue was up 35 percent from last year. Its aggregate paid clicks were up 42 percent from the same time in 2011, though the cost-per-click is down 16 percent from that point, something Google attributes to the "currency headwinds." This is a gain over last quarter, and it also marks the quarter in which Google completed its acquisition of Motorola. Motorola, Google says, saw $1.25 billion in revenue, with $843 million of that coming from the mobile segment. It also, however, saw a $233 million operating loss, $192 million of which was in mobile.

The company's cash-on-hand is a little lower than it was last quarter, at $43.1 billion. It's also given us a look at total employee numbers now that it's added Motorola. Google apparently employs 54,604 people worldwide as of June 30th, with about 20,000 of those in Motorola. It employed around 33,000 last year before the acquisition. Google is holding steady, but it's less clear whether Motorola will start bringing more to the table.