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New BlackBerry 10 SDKs released as App World goes live for Dev Alpha devices

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BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha apps are now being accepted into BlackBerry App World as new development tools are rolled out.

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha
BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

Thanks to an update to the BlackBerry Dev Alpha software, developers can now submit BlackBerry 10 apps into BlackBerry App World. That will put them one step closer to earning the $10,000 RIM promised to every developer to builds a "certified" app for the platform. Once uploaded to the still-expanding store, other owners of a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device will be able to try out the app. The announcement comes alongside the release of the latest BlackBerry 10 SDKs, which includes new push APIs for BlackBerry WebWorks and Adobe Air developers. The BlackBerry Developer Blog also provides a roadmap that marks November as the month that the SDK will go gold, not long before the launch of the first BlackBerry 10 devices. Additional details about upcoming SDK releases will be available in the coming weeks.

Thanks Luke!