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Comcast reportedly prepping 305Mbps broadband to fight FiOS

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Comcast is reportedly preparing a new broadband tier with download speeds of up to 305Mbps in response to Verizon's FiOS Quantum offering.

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Last month Verizon introduced its new FiOS Quantum service, offering customers download speeds of up to 300Mbps — but Comcast may have a response waiting in the wings. According to Broadcast Reports, the company is planning to introduce its own new high-tier package that is said to boast download speeds of up to 305Mbps — and they'll be targeting FiOS markets with the new service specifically. The information is said to have come from an internal company video stream, with Comcast CEO Neil Smit reportedly mentioning the new tier, though no specifics on upload speeds were revealed.

If true, the move would be great news for consumers — and tailor-made for a very different audience. Verizon's deal to acquire wireless spectrum from SpectrumCo, a consortium that counts Comcast amongst its members, has drawn considerable attention from government regulators due to fears that the involved parties cross-selling each others' services could lead to decreased competition in the marketplace. That deal is reportedly stalled at the behest of the Department of Justice at the moment, but Comcast and Verizon continuing to battle it out in the broadband marketplace would certainly put some of those fears to rest. According to Broadcast Reports, Comcast's new 305Mbps service is said to be launching "soon."