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Good Deal: 30 percent off 1Password for Mac OS X, Windows, and iOS

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1Password for Mac, Windows, and iOS has been discounted by 30 percent until July 8th, 2012.

1password good deal
1password good deal

1Password is a favorite around The Verge offices: the cross-platform application beautifully syncs logins and secure info (like notes and credit card numbers) and makes them available for one-click access to all of your websites. If there's one big problem with 1Password, however, it's that it rings up at a pricey $49.99, but this week developer Agile Bits has dropped the entrance fee by 30 percent to $34.99. That's how much either the OS X or Windows program will cost you — there is also a free Android app, and the iOS version has been discounted to $6.99. If you're not familiar, the desktop application allows you to input login information for sites, as well as addresses, credit cards, and other secure notes, which are all optionally synced via Dropbox in an encrypted file for use on other platforms. The app works in conjunction with browser plugins for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, which offer to save login info as you enter it and serve to quickly enter your credentials when you visit a site. Agile Bits says the deal is running through July 8th to celebrate Canada Day and Independence Day, so you've got some time to think it over.