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Jelly Bean factory image for Nexus 7 released, lets you go back to stock

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Google has released its factory image for the Nexus 7, allowing users to return their devices back to stock if they accidentally soft brick the device.

Nexus 7 unlock
Nexus 7 unlock

There are certainly lots of benefits to Google's Nexus program, and one of them is that the search company provides flashable stock images to make it easy for developers (and Android enthusiasts) to get a fresh start after bricking a Nexus device. Of course, Google has just released the Nexus 7, and right on cue it has uploaded the device's factory image of Jelly Bean onto the Android Developers website for all to use. The 246MB download is an important step in ensuring that developers feel free to push the limits without fear of bricking the tablet for good, and considering that the Asus-built device has already been rooted and given a version of Clockworkmod recovery, we're sure we'll be seeing custom ROMs and other tweaks in no time at all. If you're looking for the download you can find it right here, but, as always, if you're not comfortable with flashing ROMs onto Android devices you should visit your favorite Android forum for more information on how it's properly done.