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AMC dropped by Dish Network, replaced by commercial-free movies

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Dish has dropped all AMC channels from its network, replacing them with HDNet Movies, Style and HDNet.

sad don draper
sad don draper

After threatening to do so back in May, Dish has dropped all AMC channels from its satellite network. AMC will be replaced by HDNet Movies, while Style and HDNet will replace AMC's other channels, WE tv and IFC Films. The contract between the two companies expired on June 30th and Dish says that it decided not to renew it due to the channels' "high costs compared to their relatively low viewership." AMC has released a statement claiming that Dish is punishing the company after it lost an appeal in an "entirely separate" multi-billion dollar court case between Voom HD (now AMC) and Echostar (now Dish). It also claimed that The Walking Dead was the number one scripted drama with Dish subscribers back in May.

Regardless of the reasons, the fact remains that Dish customers will currently be unable to watch shows like Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad through their satellite box. With under two weeks until Bryan Cranston resumes his role as Walter White in the new season of Breaking Bad, let's hope that the companies can find some middle ground soon.