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Microsoft reportedly testing curved Windows Phone onscreen keyboard

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Microsoft is reportedly testing a curved Windows Phone keyboard, designed for one-handed use.

Windows Phone curved keyboard (WMPU)
Windows Phone curved keyboard (WMPU)

Microsoft regularly develops hardware and software solutions in its research labs, with some seeing the light of day and others canceled for a variety of reasons. WMPowerUser claims that Microsoft's research team is working on a curved software keyboard that might be made available in Windows Phone 8.

Citing a leaked Microsoft Research presentation, the site has managed to obtain an image of the onscreen keyboard in action. The curved keyboard appears to be designed for one-handed thumb typing (similar to Swype), allowing users to use a predictive text technology to thumb over letters. Microsoft has previously used similar keyboards in its ultra-mobile PCs. WMPowerUser also claims the keyboard may be part of Windows Phone 8, after Microsoft inadvertently revealed they were working on a "one handed input and next gen soft keyboard" in a Research video last year. Microsoft revealed some basic UI changes in Windows Phone 8 last month, but the company has not yet detailed any keyboard improvements.