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Sony Xperia mini and HTC Incredible S now getting Android 4.0

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Sony's Xperia mini and the HTC Incredible S are both getting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades.

Sony Xperia mini
Sony Xperia mini

Ice Cream Sandwich may no longer be the latest version of Android, but that's probably not going to matter to owners of the Sony Xperia mini or the HTC Incredible S: both phones are now getting the upgrade to Android 4.0. The Incredible S update should arrive today as a global OTA download; it brings the phone up to Android 4.0.4 and Sense UI 3.6. HTC has been slowly but surely rolling out upgrades, but we're still waiting on the Rezound and other devices.

Sony, meanwhile, is putting its 4.0 update out in batches, and it won't be coming OTA. Instead, users must check the Sales Item number on the back of the phone to see if it's available, then use Sony's Mac or PC software to perform the installation. Instructions are available over here. It's not the most convenient of upgrades, and it's coming later than those for several other Xperia phones, but at least the mini won't suffer the fate of the Xperia Play.