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UK hotel replaces Bibles with Kindles

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Instead of a traditional paper Bible, one hotel in the UK is outfitting its rooms with Kindles pre-loaded with the book.

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kindle ibooks
kindle ibooks

At the Hotel Indigo in Newcastle, the ever-familiar Bible found in each room is being replaced with something more modern — a Kindle. The new e-readers will come with a copy of the Bible already loaded, reports The Telegraph, while guests also have the option of downloading other religious texts, provided they don't cost more than £5 (about US$7.80). You can also download other, non-religious books from Amazon's store, with the cost simply added to your bill at the end of the stay. The Kindles will be featured in each room of the hotel, though right now it's just a trial — after July 16th the hotel chain will decide whether or not to expand the program to other locations as well.