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Sparrow updated to support Retina display and Mountain Lion

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Sparrow for Mac OS X has been updated to support the MacBook Pro with Retina display.

Sparrow Retina comparison
Sparrow Retina comparison

Update: Sparrow for Mac 1.6.2 is now live in the Mac App Store, ten days after its debut for users who purchased the app from the Sparrow store.

Another app has been updated to support the MacBook Pro with Retina display — this time it's Sparrow, the popular (and Gmail-friendly) desktop email app. The new version (1.6.2) has just been pushed out, and for users of Apple's high-resolution laptop the difference is stark: the sidebar and message previews are now both Retina-compatible, as are all icons and menus. Other than the high-res support, the update also makes the application Mountain Lion-ready and fixes a bug with Growl 1.3 compatibility. Check the full changelog below, and beware that these updates are often released first to those who downloaded the app directly from Sparrow (rather than the Mac App Store).

New Features:

  • Mountain Lion and Notification Center support
  • Retina Display support
  • Send & Archive in Quick reply
  • Always expand messages option
  • Always show the 'i' section
  • fixed close/minimize/zoom button behavior
  • enabling always show info will show info of the opened messages
  • enabling always expand all will expand all messages

Bug fix:

  • Growl Notification with Growl 1.3
  • Growl Notification for POP accounts
  • Memory consumption improvement