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HTC confirms One V coming to US Cellular, regional carriers

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HTC has said that besides Virgin, US Cellular and carriers from the Associated Carriers Group will be selling its One V smartphone.

Gallery Photo: HTC One V review images
Gallery Photo: HTC One V review images

The HTC One V has just come to the US as a Virgin contract-free phone, but now HTC has confirmed that it's going to be selling it through US Cellular and regional carriers. The company has announced a partnership with US Cellular and with the Associated Carriers Group, which includes 27 smaller carriers like nTelos and Appalachian Wireless. The One V was previously rumored to be coming to US Cellular, but we hadn't heard about the ACG, so it's possible it's going to be available more widely than previously known. Unfortunately, MetroPCS, another rumored carrier, is nowhere to be found in this announcement.

HTC says that the One V should be "now available" from all these carriers, but so far, we've only found it on Virgin, with no hint of when it might show up elsewhere. On Virgin, the phone is $199.99 contract-free; we're not sure if US Cellular and others will follow suit.