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Nokia has a Windows Phone contingency plan, doesn't specify what it is

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Nokia chairman Risto Siilasmaa was interviewed by a Finnish TV show where he spoke about Nokia's current financial and managerial landscape, as well as it's backup plans for Windows Phone.

Nokia N9 Android
Nokia N9 Android

Risto Siilasmaa of Nokia, who was only recently promoted to board chairman, was interviewed by a Finnish television show last Thursday where he spoke about his responsibilities and the direction of the company. Despite the company's stock price having dropped by a third since Siilasmaa took over, he maintains that investors have retained the same number of shares and that "nothing has changed." When asked about Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, Siilasmaa simply stated that the man had come on at a tough time, and that his management style is "good and transparent."

Although Siilasmaa's statements were uncommonly frank, he denied claims that Nokia had put all of its eggs into one basket with Windows Phone. Should Microsoft's mobile ecosystem flounder, Siilasmaa says that the company has a contingency plan, though he would not disclose any further details. While some have pondered the possibility of Nokia's adoption of Android, we invite you to give us your wildest speculations about what Nokia's backup plan might be. Our guess? It's a toss up between Tizen and Open WebOS.