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Google and Apple gain, RIM loses in latest comScore smartphone survey

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The latest comScore survey reports that RIM has continued its drop in subscribers, while Android and Apple have both made gains. As a hardware manufacturer, Apple is also growing, though Samsung still has the largest subscriber base.

BlackBerry logo busted old (1020)
BlackBerry logo busted old (1020)

Apparently the announcement of BlackBerry 10 wasn't enough to stem the tide of people leaving RIM's platform. The latest numbers by comScore show a 2 percent drop between February and May for the OS, putting it at only 11.4 percent of US smartphone subscribers. Apple and Google, meanwhile, have both gained subscribers, with Android rising slightly to 50.9 percent and Apple from 30.2 percent to 31.9. These latest numbers put everyone on the same trajectory they've had for a while, with Android and Apple making steady gains against a slipping RIM and Symbian (which remains at barely 1 percent of the US market.) The one wild card is Microsoft, which continued its slow climb from 3.9 percent to 4.0. Unfortunately, that still puts it below the 5.2 percent share it had last year, and we're not likely to see major changes until the release of Windows Phone 8 this fall.

On the hardware side, even less is new. In all phone subscriptions (smart and feature), Samsung held its top spot with only a 0.1 percentage gain (putting it at 25.7 percent), and Motorola continued its drop from last quarter, losing 0.8 percent and remaining in fourth at 12 percent. Apple has kept growing, rising 1.5 percent to 15 percent, and we wouldn't be surprised to see it eventually catch up to LG, which currently leads it by about 4 percent. Apple's new hardware is still likely months away, and Samsung's Galaxy S III has barely launched, so we hope to see some more exciting numbers later this year.