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Google expands Search by Image with better results and Knowledge Graph sidebar

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Google has updated its reverse image search feature with better text guesses and Knowledge Graph integration.

Google Search by Image
Google Search by Image

Google's Search by Image, the TinEye-style reverse image search tool that's been around since last year, is getting a few new features. In a blog post, Google detailed tweaks meant to improve the "best guess" text it generates for the image and an expanded format that lets users see the text around matching images. Most importantly, though, it's added the Knowledge Graph sidebar it launched for web search in May. That means if you drag in an image or link one from elsewhere, Google will see if it has an entry for its best guess and display it beside the other results. For us, this worked best for photos linked to a Wikipedia entry, not general photos like a picture of a random border collie or specific products like this Xperia mini. Knowledge Graph also doesn't yet show up in the standard image search. Despite its prominence, Search by Image is relatively little known and a bit finicky, so we're glad to see it getting some attention from Google.