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Sky Go for Android updated with support for Samsung Galaxy S III, Nexus, and Note

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Sky has updated its Go app for Android to support three Samsung devices and on-demand streaming.

Sky Go for Android Screenshots 640
Sky Go for Android Screenshots 640

Sky's Android Go app debuted on Android earlier this year, but the company has now updated it to include support for Samsung's Galaxy S III, Nexus, and Note. The trio of Android 4.0 Galaxy devices will now be able to access 22 channels of UK streaming TV over 3G or Wi-Fi as part of a Sky TV subscription. Sky has now introduced support for its on-demand movie service, with a selection of catch-up content from Sky Movies, Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living and Sky Arts available. Access to Sky Sports channels, all 11 Sky Movies channels, and the Sky Atlantic, Living, and News channels is also included. Sky Go for Android now supports 11 devices in total, but there's no word on future device support — the company previously said it takes "considerable time" to tailor an app for each Android handset.