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Czech Republic gets social with 'Republike' rebrand

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The Czech tourist board has commissioned a campaign based on the phrase "Czech Republike" in an attempt to appeal to the so-called Facebook generation.

Czech Republike, before and after
Czech Republike, before and after

Brand New brought to our attention the Czech Republic's efforts at a social-focused rebrand for its tourist board, using the eye-catching phrase "Czech Republike" — a recent video provides a good idea of what the move is all about. Produced by Prague-based agency Marvil, which has received a 2.5 million Kč (roughly $120,000) contract for the work, it takes viewers through some of the key attractions of the country using a variety of phrases: "There is more to like," "As you like it," "Feels like home," "Countryside you will like."

As Brand New points out, the video "places a lot emphasis on English-speaking visitors, despite the numerous translations presented" — while "like" might seem to be a prime example of an internationalized online term, Facebook's translation policy means it's usually the first word to change on any non-English version of the site. Ironically, the video itself currently has more "dislikes" on YouTube than "likes," but with just over 4,000 total views it's still early days.