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Lenovo CEO distributes $3 million personal bonus to production-line workers, other junior-level employees

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Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing distributed $3 million of his bonus to low-level employees of the company.

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After Lenovo posted extremely healthy financials back in May, it provided CEO Yang Yuanqing with a $3 million bonus for doing such a good job. There's nothing particularly notable about a CEO receiving performance-related bonuses, but what is unusual is how Yang spent the money. Rather than adding it to his multi-million dollar salary, Yang distributed the bonus among junior-level employees. Some 10,000 receptionists, production-line workers, and assistants received an average bonus of around $314 each. A recent Fair Labor Association report found that the average monthly wage in Chinese factories ranged from $354 - $450 (the minimum wage in Shenzhen is $220), so for some of the employees, the bonus may have been close to an entire month's wages.

While he isn't quite a modern-day Robin Hood — Yang earned around $14 million last year alone, making $3 million pretty insignificant — it's good to see a CEO distributing at least some of his wealth.