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Apple's new iPad debuts in China, avoiding delays and launch-line chaos

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The new iPad has launched in China, apparently without the problems that plagued earlier product releases.

ipad new main
ipad new main

Apple's new iPad has launched in China, apparently without the chaos that accompanied previous releases. Reuters reports that stores in Shanghai and Beijing opened as planned, distributing pre-ordered devices in three-hour windows throughout the day. The strategy was meant to curtail the long lines and massive crowds often seen during launches of Apple's coveted phones and tablets. During the debut of the iPhone 4S, for example, Apple's flagship Beijing store was pelted with eggs by expectant buyers after being told not to open by police.

Chinese buyers will be paying out a bit more than US ones for the new iPad. Pricing starts at 3688 yuan (about US $580) for the 16GB Wi-Fi version, with an HSPA+ version being sold for 4688 yuan (US $735). The iPad 2, meanwhile, sells for 2988 yuan (US $470). Apple products have long been sold on the Chinese grey market, but CEO Tim Cook has made expanding in the country a priority and begun to work on building relationships with local officials and companies.