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Little Boxes concept turns your iPad into an interactive music box

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A design student has built an prototype that turns the iPad into a music box, complete with a crank.

Little Boxes iPad
Little Boxes iPad

We all love our digital tools, but sometimes it's nice when those tools emulate aspects of the real world — from the sounds of a typewriter to the pages of a sketchbook. In the case of ECAL design student Joelle Aeschlimann, she decided to build a music box prototype called Little Boxes that works only when placed on an iPad. The tablet is able to recognize the tiny wooden boxes when you place them on its screen, and once you turn the crank music will start playing — and each box carries a different tune. To make use of the iPad's display there's also a visual element, as interactive screen saver-like graphics appear as the music plays. Unfortunately, for now at least, Little Boxes appears to be only a design exercise, so you can't pick one up for yourself. Which is a shame, because these Little Boxes would look great next to your Little Printer.