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ABC News checks in on Paul Miller's offline experiment

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ABC News checks in on our own Paul Miller to see how life is without the internet.

Paul Miller Stock 1020
Paul Miller Stock 1020

By now you're probably all familiar with our own Paul Miller, who, starting this past April, is attempting to spend a year free of the internet. If you just can't get enough of Paul's grand offline experiment, ABC News' Joanna Stern — a former senior editor here at The Verge — decided to check in on him to see how things are going three months in. "There is a ton of stuff I miss," he explains. "I miss playing StarCraft, I miss Twitter so much, I miss hilarious time wasters like animated GIFs on Reddit. But I don't regret leaving it behind." You can check out the entire feature at the source link below, and of course be sure to stay up to date with Paul's adventures via our storystream.