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Samsung reveals special edition London Olympics Galaxy S III package in Taiwan

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Special edition accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S III has been announced to commemorate the 2012 Summer Olympics.

galaxy s iii london olympics
galaxy s iii london olympics

Samsung's really getting into its partnership with the 2012 Summer Olympics, announcing a special edition Galaxy S III package in Taiwan to go along with the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Y variants availabe through UK carrier O2. As shown by ePrice, the phone will include a stylized British flag back cover, one of three stands — each with a figure representing an Olympic event upon a British-themed base — and a decorative miniature royal guard soldier that can be plugged into the headphone jack. A British royal guard case will also be available for NT$299 (about $10), and a royal guard wallpaper can be downloaded through Samsung Apps on July 22nd. Specifics regarding pricing and availability for the special Samsung Galaxy S III package are still unknown.