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Facebook acquires Acrylic, the team behind Mac and iOS news reader Pulp

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Acrylic Software, maker of news reader Pulp and personal database Wallet for Mac OS X and iOS, has announced that it will be moving to become part of Facebook's design team.

pulp ipad mac
pulp ipad mac

Acrylic Software, known for personal database app Wallet and news reader Pulp, is the latest company to become part of Facebook. In a post today, Dustin MacDonald of Acrylic said that the entire team would be moving to San Francisco "in the coming weeks" to join Facebook's design team. Pulp and Wallet were not acquired as part of the deal, and they will continue to be sold in their current form, but there are "no plans for further development." The two apps are available on both Mac OS X and iOS.

Since its purchase of Instagram, Facebook has made a spate of hires and acquisitions, including facial recognition company and a former Apple designer. Rumors abound about a possible Facebook-based phone OS, but all that's clear is that Facebook is putting together a team of established software builders before taking its next move.