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Stanley: the piano that plays what you tweet

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Stanley is a piano that can play music all by itself, and it takes your requests via Twitter.

Stanley the Piano
Stanley the Piano

Twitter has plenty of uses, and the creative team at Digital Kitchen has come up with a new one — requesting songs for a piano to play. As ABC News reports, Stanley the piano — which you can find at @stanleypiano — is able to take requests and then perform them without the need for an actual human tickling the ivories. You simply tweet a request, and a computer then filters through the replies and adds them to a list. Provided your song is in its MIDI library, Stanley will then play it all by itself thanks to a hardware controller that manages the piano keys. And you'll get to see that happen very soon, as Stanley will be performing for the very first time today, starting at 3:00PM EST. You can watch the whole thing right here.