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Samsung schedules 'major' Galaxy announcement for August 15th

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Samsung has promised a "major" announcement in its Galaxy line of mobile devices for Wednesday, August 15th.

Samsung logo (STOCK)
Samsung logo (STOCK)

We've just received a somewhat vague save-the-date from Samsung's North American team for Wednesday, August 15th, promising that there will be a "major announcement and unveiling of the newest Galaxy device." We still haven't seen the final, retail version of the Galaxy Note 10.1 introduced back at Mobile World Congress, so it might be that — or it might be something else entirely. The small-screen Note (if you can call it that) was shown for the first time at IFA last year, so we'd expect the rumored Note 2 to likely happen there once again, not at a mid-August event in the US. And of course, the Galaxy S III is still hot off the presses, so we certainly wouldn't count on a new flagship phone. Any guesses?