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Power Pwn: a DARPA-funded hacking terminal disguised as a powerstrip

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Pwnie Express has a new network hacking tool, the Power Pwn, that's convincingly disguised as a run-of-the-mill powerstrip.

Power Pwn
Power Pwn

Be wary of any rogue power accessories you might come across — they could be cleverly disguised hacking boxes like the Pwnie Express' new Power Pwn. The device is a $1,295 "penetration testing" tool that will lodge remotely activated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet attacks in an effort to identify network weaknesses. A convenient web interface can be accessed through the unit's built-in 3G radio or, failing that, commands can be sent directly to the device via text message.

Pwnie Express CEO Dave Porcello told Wired that "you can just plug [it] in and do a full-scale penetration test from start to finish" and that "[the] enterprise can use stuff like this to do testing more often and more cheaply than they're doing it right now." He also said that 90 percent of the company's clients are commercial or federal organizations, which could explain why DARPA's Cyber Fast Track program helped fund the development of the Power Pwn. If you'd like to put the security of your network to the test, the Power Pwn is available for pre-order with an expected ship date of September 30th.