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Gogo in-flight internet reaches 9.8Mbps speed on United p.s. flights in 2013

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United is outfitting its Premiere Service fleet of 13 airplanes with faster Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi.

United Boeing 757-200 CC InSapphoWeTrust Flickr
United Boeing 757-200 CC InSapphoWeTrust Flickr

Starting next year, speedy satellite internet should allow air travelers to obtain broadband-like speeds in the sky, but in the meanwhile United is outfitting thirteen planes with faster Gogo Wi-Fi. Like US Airways and Virgin America before it, United will be using Gogo's latest ATG-4 system, which uses EV-DO Rev. B cellular technology, twin modems, and directional antennas to achieve a connection speed of 9.8Mbps per aircraft. For now, the airline is only upgrading its small United Premier Service fleet, which flies between JFK, LAX, and SFO. You'll be sharing that bandwidth with your fellow passengers if you fly those routes, but it's a good bit better than the 3.1Mbps per plane that aviators enjoyed before. Gogo says it will begin installation of the new equipment early next year.