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Dropbox finds no evidence of intrusion in spam investigation

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Dropbox has hit back at allegations that a security breach revealed users' email addresses, with an internal investigation having found no evidence of "intrusion."

dropbox stock
dropbox stock

Cloud storage provider Dropbox has so far found no evidence of outside access to its systems after a number of users reported receiving spam at email addresses used to sign up for the service. Posting on the company's official forums yesterday, a Dropbox representative provided an update on an ongoing investigation into the issue, claiming that, "as of today, we’ve found no intrusions into our internal systems and no unauthorized activity in Dropbox accounts."

Dropbox first announced the investigation on Thursday stating that it had "brought in a team of outside experts to make sure we leave no stone unturned." It's not yet clear who Dropbox has hired to help investigate the issue, or how much longer it needs before declaring the service clean of intruders — but we'll keep you posted with any further updates from the company.