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Fox wants to turn animated short 'Ruin' into a live-action feature film

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The post-apocalyptic animated short Ruin may just end up being a live-action, feature-length film.

Ruin CG still
Ruin CG still

You may remember a post-apocalyptic CG short called Ruin that made the rounds a few months back, and if you're a fan then there's good news, as Fox is reportedly looking to turn it into a feature length film. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox is currently in negotiations with creator Wes Ball to turn the film into a live-action, full-length feature that he'll co-write. And while it might seem strange to turn a short film that's essentially one long — but beautiful — chase sequence into a full-on feature, the video's description says that it's actually "an introduction to a much larger story," so hopefully there's enough there to create a longer experience. There's no announced timetable for the live-action version, but if you still haven't seen the original Ruin you can check it out below.