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Hulu debuts revamped web player with 10-second rewind, sleek new UI

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Hulu has debuted a new video player for its website, featuring a 10-second rewind feature and a more minimalistic aesthetic approach.

New Hulu UI
New Hulu UI

Hulu has debuted a minimalist new video player for its website with a focus on making the site easier to use while keeping out of your way. The new Hulu features a foregrounded, unencumbered video window, with options for the pop-out player, closed captioning, and the Hulu "lower lights" mode grouped together just beneath. The overlaid shuttle controller features a 10-second rewind button in case you missed a moment on your favorite program, and pausing playback will present you with both the name and remaning time of a given movie or TV episode. All in all, it's a very similar approach to the revamped web interface Netflix launched last May, and while there may not be anything groundbreaking, the changes will no doubt be more than welcome to frequent Hulu users.