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ITC dismisses Kodak patent claim against RIM and Apple

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The International Trade Commission has dismissed a 2010 claim that RIM and Apple violated Kodak's '218 patent, which covers image previewing.

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Kodak's plan to recoup its losses by leveraging valuable patents has just been shaken, as the International Trade Commission has dismissed claims that RIM and Apple are infringing on a technique for previewing images. The case was filed in 2010, with Kodak claiming that the iPhone and BlackBerry's cameras violated the '218 patent, which covered techniques for displaying still images before and after taking a picture. Now, the ITC has upheld its judge's previous finding that the patent was invalid.

Kodak filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, and it's relying on patent sales to help it restructure. The '218 patent has allegedly been one of its most lucrative, and Kodak has previously asserted claims against Sony, JVC, Samsung, LG, and Fujifilm as well as RIM and Apple. Apple, however, has claimed ownership of it, leading to a countersuit. Kodak has won the right to sell off the patents, but this recent decision could affect the outcome of its auction.