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Spotify celebrates its first year in the US with milestones and statistics

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Spotify has offered up a handful of milestones and statistics to celebrate its first yearly anniversary in the US.

spotify birthday 2
spotify birthday 2

It was just over a year ago when online music streaming service Spotify launched in the US, and the company is celebrating by sharing statistics and milestones with users via email. US listeners played over 13 billion tracks and shared 27,834,742 songs between Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. The music service's apps platform, which launched in November, has also seen significant user adoption, according to Spotify — nearly 23.7 million hours have been logged "discovering playlists, lyrics, concerts, and reviews." Spotify is also teasing upgrades planned for the coming year, but while we wait for whatever those might be, feel free to peruse the company's anniversary infographic below.