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Amazon to open design and development hub in London for next-generation TV and film services

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Amazon says it is opening a new design and development hub in London for work on its next-generation TV and film services.

Amazon box (STOCK)
Amazon box (STOCK)

Amazon announced today that it plans to open a new digital media innovation hub at a new center in London, the UK's capital. The hub will house hundreds of Amazon employees, from the design and development teams of Pushbutton and LoveFilm, that will work on the next-generation of TV and film services for a range of digital services. Amazon is taking 47,000 sq. ft of space on the eighth floor at the Glasshouse Yard in London's center.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who is preparing to host London's Olympic games later this week, says he is "thrilled" to welcome Amazon's new digital center in London. "Amazon's investment propels us well up the league table of global tech cities and we thank them for their vote of confidence." An Amazon spokesperson refused to detail the exact nature of its engineers work at its new London location, but did ask us to stay tuned for "lots of exciting opportunities."