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iOS in-app purchasing fix can't be bypassed, hacker admits 'the game is over'

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The hacker that developed an exploit that allowed users to download free in-app purchases has admitted there's no workaround to Apple's fix.

In-App Proxy
In-App Proxy

Apple's workaround for the iOS in-app purchasing exploit has made it impossible to be re-hacked, according to Alexey Borodin, the Russian hacker that developed the original attack. Through a relatively simple process that involved sending sensitive data to Borodin's servers, users were able to obtain in-app purchases without paying. Now, Borodin says that the "game is over" as "there is "no way to bypass" Apple's fix.

Until iOS 6 arrives with a system-level update, it's down to developers to implement Apple's workaround, and so Borodin will keep the service "operational" till that date to exploit tardy apps. The hacker recently used a modified version of the hack to exploit desktop apps from the Mac App Store, and Apple are likely to be readying a fix for OS X developers. Although Borodin says that he may have more ideas for hacking OS X in-app purchases, it does seem as though Apple has a good handle on the situation.