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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 appears in new commercial, release date still unknown

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A modeling agency has revealed a new commercial for the slippery Galaxy Note 10.1, though we're no closer to learning just when it will finally launch.

Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 hands-on
Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 hands-on

It's been a while since we've heard anything from Samsung regarding the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, but thanks to modeling agency Step Management, we at least have a new commercial to watch. The agency recently posted a 30-second spot for the Note 10.1 on its YouTube page, though unfortunately it doesn't make it any clearer just when the tablet will be launching — back in April Samsung said that both the release date and specs are still in flux. We first got our hands on the Note 10.1 back at Mobile World Congress in February, and last month a new video revealed some updated specs for the tablet, as well as a new slot for storing an S-Pen stylus. However, release details may be coming soon, as Samsung has a "major" Galaxy-related announcement slated for August 15th.

Thanks Lars!