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Robot of legendary Japanese comic Beicho Katsura III goes on display next month

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An android version of rakugo comic Beicho Katsura III will be on display at Sankei Breeze Hall in Japan from August 1st through 9th.

Beicho Katsura android
Beicho Katsura android

Beicho Katsura III is a legendary rakugo performer — a comedic form of Japanese art involving a single storyteller — and to celebrate his long career, an android built in his likeness will be on display in Japan next month. According to CNet, the $1 million robot, designed by Geminoid android creator Hiroshi Ishiguro and makeup artist Shinya Endo, is capable of realistic body movements with the help of air servos. While a first for Katsura, Ishiguro's creations are experienced performers, with his Geminoid F taking to the stage with human actors in the play "Sayonara" in 2010, as reported by Mail Online. For a sample of what to expect at Sankei Hall Breeze in Osaka, Japan from August 1st through 9th, take a look at the comic alongside his android doppelganger.