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Caching error gives user access to Mitt Romney's Storify account

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It may sound strange, but one man found himself logged into the Storify account of the Mitt Romney campaign due to a caching error.

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney

Last weekend Andy Stettler signed into Storify as he always does, only to find that he wasn't logged into his account at all — instead he had access to the Storify account of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. According to Stettler, who works as the community engagement editor for The Lansdale Reporter, he was able to edit and delete posts, though he only stuck around long enough to take a few screenshots as proof of the odd occurrence. Storify co-founder Burt Herman has since said that the account mix-up was "due to an error with caching user tokens on our site," though it should be resolved by now.

"The Romney campaign most likely isn't hiding secret strategy on Storify."

Storify lets users compile social media posts in order to create a narrative, and Stettler admits that, even if had decided to poke around the Romney campaign's unpublished posts, he probably wouldn't have found anything too juicy. "As a reporter who uses Storify every day," he explained to Forbes, "I know the Romney campaign most likely isn't hiding secret strategy on Storify or on any other social network or tool." Then again, had Stettler been a little less honest, the ability to edit posts could have made for a much more embarrassing story for the Romney campaign.