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Kaspersky Labs, cyber-espionage, and the politics of computer security

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A look at Eugene Kaspersky and his antivirus company, Kaspersky Labs.

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Kaspersky Labs is one of the most trusted sources of antivirus information: it helped discover the Flame virus and provided information on potential Mac OS X security gaps. But its success raises questions about the relationship between security and international politics. Wired has delved into the life of its founder, Eugene Kaspersky, a former Soviet intelligence officer who has faced the kidnapping of his son and maintained a complicated relationship with Moscow and the FSB, a successor to the KGB. Read the whole thing for a look at cyber-espionage, security, and how Kaspersky's views on online freedom are shaping our world.

Update: Kaspersky has posted a rebuttal to some points in the article, particularly what he calls the "overall negative undertone" that pervades it. You can read his account of several of the events over here.