How to fix the patent system - Judge Posner



A couple of weeks back Judge Posner wrote an article in The Atlantic entitled, Why There Are Too Many Patents in America. Read this if you haven't already.

Judge Posner has 5 solutions to fix the current patent mess...

1. Reduce the patent term from 20yrs, for industries other than pharmaceuticals.

2. Institute compolsory licensing of patented inventions.

3. Make the Patent and Tradmark Office a trier of patent cases, with limited appellate review in courts.

4. Require the patentee to produce the patented invention within a specified period, or lose the patent (kills patent trolls dead fast!!).

5. Provide special training for federal judges who volunteer to preside over patent litigation.

I like Posner because he's the definition of impartial, knows his shit, and seems to genuinely have the public's interest at heart, therefore I believe that his 5 solutions are a fair way of fixing this mess.

What are your thoughts...??